Something about the way you taste, makes me want to clear my throat(DEVO)

I am not the type of person to force my opinions onto others. I know the reason I have these opinions is due to my own personal experiences, which are superior to the personal experiences of others, which as a result makes my opinions superior, however nonsensical, to the ‘others’ aforementioned. You may say, “that is only your opinion,which is precisely my point. Pinkish-white pickled ginger is superior to its reddish counterpart. Maybe I will choose my sushi restaurant on the sole basis of the color of pickled ginger served with dinner… that is my choice due to an opinion that I care not to explain in detail every first date I go on. I just simply state, “We cannot eat here,” and will either leave the restaurant alone or with my confused date.

Anyone who knows me will vouch that I am a reasonable and logical person. The following will explain once and for all why I say, “we cannot eat here,” upon entering a less than acceptable sushi bar.

Pictured below is Ginger Root, in its natural state.

Natural Ginger

In the pickling process, young fresh ginger may take on a pinkish tinge. Companies selling ginger started dying ginger with red dye or Red Shisho leaves to make the ginger appear to be the higher quality sweeter young ginger. Adding red dye to ginger gives the false appearance of being younger and more tender high quality ginger, however, tends to be older and less desirable than the naturally light pink counterpart. This red ginger has become less expensive and sold in higher quantities. Restaurants using this substitute for quality ginger may be cutting corners in other places… and when dealing with raw fish… I would rather not take the chance. Is that fair enough?



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